I believe in the power of words, their beauty, their ability to create and to destroy. I love words, I think I was raised on good words, and I, in turn, wish to share my words with whomever would like to read them.

I’m afraid I’m addicted to traveling. I used to think that once I had my fill, I would settle down and set my roots, so to speak. I have been to Australia, Europe, across Canada by train and lived for a year in France; not only have I failed to set down those roots, I feel more strongly than ever that I must continue to do what I do. I want to bring you my stories, my adventures, my frighting encounters and my enthusiastic delights. I want, more than anything, for you to understand the world a bit better because you can see a different part of it through my eyes. And I want you to have a very good time, a quiet time, a time of calm, and most certainly a time of adventure!

As I continue to grow up I find that I travel less like a homeless backpacker and more like a lady. The homeless backpacker had her place, and, I will say, she had a very good time. Yet I must recognize when a time has it’s place and move on. Perhaps too, my tales of the bizarre, the weird, and the glorious will inspire you. Or, of course, they might frighten you. Either way, I hope you experience a thrill.

May the wind be ever at your feet to urge your goings.

Welcome and Cheers!


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